Let's Go on a Hot Springs Journey!
[Japan Spa Map] is a site that introduces hot springs from all over Japan.
When you are on the road and want to find out the closest hot springs, this site will come in handy!

This site covers from "Super Sento", "Kenko Land" to remote hot springs in the mountains and various kinds of baths…co-ed, private baths etc..
How about adding the fun of hot spring search to your journey?

In [Japan Spa Map], we have PC version for thorough search, and smart phone version for on-the-go.
We hope you would find them handy for all occasions.
PC site
・Area Search
 Select the region you would like to search, and the map will jump to the selected area.

・Refine Search
 Refine your search by selecting "co-ed bath", "private bath", "outdoor bath", "hot springs", "parking". The info shown on the map will change accordingly.

・Map Search
 You can type in the address in the search box on the map.

・Show details
 Click on the pin on the map, and the info window will pop up.
 When you click on the [>>information], the details will show.
Smart phone

iOS apps


Smartphone page


 Search by address or keywords.

 Look for the hot springs around your current location.

 Look for the hot springs from the list of prefectures.

・Refine Search
 Refine your search by selecting "co-ed bath", "private bath", "outdoor bath", "hot springs", "parking".

・Route Search
 Check the route to the hot springs from your location.

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